Get Down To Cryosculpt….And Leave Your Fat Behind! 

We all know what it’s like to have to get in shape for a job, wedding, or a function where you know you’re going to be bumping into your ex (maybe be his/her wedding?). 
Usually, there isn’t much to it; lay off the booze, get to the gym, ease up on the carbs and you’re sorted. 
However as the years go by, this failsafe regime doesn’t always quite cut it (literally!). Suddenly the weight is harder to shift, takes a lot longer when it does shift, and you’re still left with excess baggage, especially around the stomach and waist. 
And so, many people have discovered Cryolipolysis (or Fat Freezing). People mostly find it online, they check it out regarding safety, results, and of course the cost. They find out it’s a safe, non-invasive procedure, but it can be pricey! 

Results after just one treatment 

You can book into a very nice chic Dublin clinic, have the treatment and see noticeable results after only four weeks. After eight weeks the results are even better and you still have another four weeks to go, before seeing the final results. 
And so, Cryosculpt was born. We knew Cryolipolysis worked. We knew it could be done quickly, (30 minutes for an average session) and we knew there had to be a way of delivering it less expensively. 

Here's our pitch... 

We have the best machines on the market, originally we established ourselves in a small treatment clinic in Temple Bar, however we are now moving to our new premises on Pembroke St Lr Dublin 2. Our money is spent on medical grade equipment, giving the best results - not our clinic decor (it's still a lovely clinic though). The large price tag associated with the procedure in high end clinics is mainly down to two things – exorbitant licence fees to the machine manufacturers, and the high cost of maintaining a swanky clinic. 
We know we can offer the same treatment (actually ours is better than most, due to our 360* applicators. Check the “Science” tab for more details), but at a substantially lower price. 
Our clinic is convenient, comfortable and nicely kitted out. Our therapists are highly trained, certified and insured. Everything we do is geared towards making sure you get the best treatment, in a comfortable space, at a realistic price. 
Come to Cryosculpt….and leave your fat behind! 
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