Anti-wrinkle injections
Anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers are two minimally invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedures that produce similar results. Although they are often mentioned interchangeably, there are definite differences in the procedures and the way they work. 
This article takes a look at both these highly successful cosmetic treatments. We will discuss how they work, what they can be used for, and how they differ from each other. 
If you are considering either of these treatments and want to know what the best option for your circumstances is, then this article will help. 
The difference Between Dermal Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections 
When you are looking for a cosmetic treatment that can hide the effects of ageing and skin damage and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, both these procedures are among the most successful and popular. 
However, people are often confused about the two procedures, often believing them to be one and the same thing. It is easy to see why this should be, they perform roughly the same function (i.e. improve the look and feel of your skin), and both procedures involve injections. 
But dig a little deeper, and the differences are plain to see. I will look at both procedures in detail, but a quick summary of the differences is: 
Anti-wrinkle injections work by modifying the way muscles and nerves work, while dermal fillers act by adding volume to the treated area. 
To help fully understand the differences, the following section takes a deeper look at both treatments. 
Anti-wrinkle injections 
Anti-wrinkle injections work by "dulling" the muscles that usually contract with our facial expressions. In most cases, these are used to target the muscles used when we squint, laugh, or smile. This kind of expression is often responsible for the most obvious wrinkles and lines on our faces. By targeting these, the treatment produces smoother and younger-looking skin. 
The agent that is used in the process is a natural and purified protein that is injected in a diluted form. The protein works by blocking the nerve signals from the brain that control the function of the aforementioned muscles. 
Anti-wrinkle injections have long-lasting effects that help reduce the signs of ageing for up to 6 months. But this can vary depending on various factors like the individual's metabolism, muscle bulk and lifestyle. 
Benefits of Anti-Wrinkle Injections: 
Non-surgical – Anti-wrinkle injections are non-surgical with little or no downtime 
Instant results – Although it can take one or two weeks for the full effects to show, many patients report an immediate reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles 
Little or no side effects – Some slight reddening or puffiness around the injected area is the most commonly noted side effect. This usually fades within a few hours 
Long-lasting (but not permanent) – Many people simply want to look their best for a big event, a wedding or holiday, for example. Anti-wrinkle injections will last for several months, with the effects wearing off gradually. This makes them perfect for people who just want a temporary confidence booster or just want to check out how they look! 
Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers 
Dermal filler treatments also involve injecting a substance directly into the area to be treated. However, rather than being a protein injection, dermal filling involves injecting an acid into the skin. 
This might sound painful, but don't worry! The substance used is called hyaluronic acid. This is a natural product that is already present within the body. This means our bodies easily accept the injection with no adverse reactions. 
The acid comes in a gel form and works by adding substance and body to the treated area. In effect, it "plumps" out the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and giving the skin a more youthful and softer look. 
The length of time that dermal fillers are effective varies depending on the individual. But, on average, the effects last longer than anti-wrinkle injections. 
Benefits of Dermal Fillers 
Cost-effective – Dermal fillers are one of the most cost-effective cosmetic treatments 
Long-lasting – Although factors like lifestyle and metabolism can affect the longevity of the treatment, dermal fillers will usually produce results for up to a year 
Non-surgical – This is a quick, painless and non-surgical procedure that is so non-invasive that treatment can be undertaken during a lunch break, and the patient can quite happily return to work straight afterwards 
Reversible – One of the unique features of dermal filling is that it is completely reversible. A product called Hyalase can be used to dissolve the hyaluronic acid. One proviso, though, is that the reversal procedure requires extensive specialist training. For this reason, it is always recommended that you use reputable companies such as Cryosculpt for dermal filling treatment. 
Final Thoughts 
If you are looking for non-surgical treatments with proven results, then dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are both fantastic choices. Which one you opt for is dependent on many factors. These include - the area to be treated, the desired outcome, and whether the main focus is simply to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or add volume and plumpness to the skin. 
At Cryosculpt, our friendly team of qualified and skilled practitioners can help. If you are still unsure of which treatment is right for you, why not call us today and arrange a consultation – It's free! 
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