Not so long ago, fat removal treatments like Liposuction required invasive surgical procedures and time off work. Additionally, it also involved exposure to the inherent risks that exist with any invasive procedure. 
Thanks to Cryolipolysis, this is no longer the case! 
Cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, is a non-invasive “body sculpting” procedure that can bust stubborn fat pockets without any invasive surgery. Better yet, Cryolipolysis is so gentle that patients can return to work straight after a treatment. This makes it perfect for the busy modern lifestyle and is another reason that cosmetic surgeons are worried! 
Read on to find out more about how Cryolipolysis is turning the world of cosmetic surgery on its head. 

Cryolipolysis – Permanent Fat Reduction without Surgerery 

Liposuction used to rule the roost when it came to removing unsightly fat deposits. All that changed when Cryolipolysis came along. This was the first treatment that could achieve comparable results to Liposuction without the need for painful and expensive surgery. 
Clinical studies have proven the treatment to be a successful method of shifting stubborn areas of subcutaneous fat. This is the fat layer that lies just under the skin and can remain stubbornly defiant of our best diet and exercise efforts, especially as we age. 

How does Cryolipolysis work? 

Since it was approved for use in 2010, this treatment has exploded in popularity. According to the Harvard Medical School, there have been over 8 million Cryolipolysis treatments performed worldwide since then. 
The advantages of an effective, safe, and non-invasive treatment are what have driven this surge in popularity. 
Below is a quick description of how Cryolipolysis works: 
The fat cells are cooled using a device called an applicator, the type of applicator used depends on the area to be treated. 
The treatment can take between 30 minutes and an hour. 
The treated fat cells are more susceptible to “freezing damage” than skin cells and are killed off by the treatment. 
Each treatment will destroy between 10% and 25% of the fat cells. These cells are then flushed naturally from the body. The effects of the treatment are usually noticeable after a few weeks, with the full benefits becoming apparent after about 3 months. 

Why are Cosmetic Surgeons Worried about Cryolipolysis? 

For decades, lipo surgeons have enjoyed a near monopoly when it came to cosmetic fat removal. The game changed overnight when Cryolipolysis was introduced. The benefits of the treatment, when compared to surgery, are multifold, and it wasn’t long before people began turning to the new treatment in their droves. 
It isn’t hard to see why. When comparing the two treatments, Cryolipolysis has numerous advantages over lipo surgery. Here are just a few of the main ones: 
Non-Invasive – Any surgery carries the risk of complications like bleeding and infection. Of course, the anaesthetic can also be a risky procedure. Cryolipolysis bypasses the need for any surgical procedure. 
Cost-Effective – When compared to the cost of surgery, Cryolipolysis is a far more affordable option. 
No Downtime – Cryolipolysis is truly a “lunchbreak” treatment. A Cryolipolysis session can easily be fitted into a lunch hour, with the patient able to return to work immediately afterwards. 
It Works! – These benefits are all very well, but they would amount to nothing if the treatment didn’t work! However, clinical trials and our own experience have shown the treatment to be incredibly effective at permanently removing stubborn fat deposits. 

What are the Side-Effects of Cryolipolysis? 

Anyone that has undergone any form of surgical procedure will tell you that the side effects are numerous, painful, and long-lasting. Compare this to the minimal and short-duration side effects of Cryolipolysis, and it is easy to understand why lipo surgeons are worried about Cryolipolysis. 
Amongst the reported side effects of Cryolipolysis are: 
Slight swelling or puffiness around the treated area 
A slight stinging or tingling sensation 
Redness or bruising around the treated area 
A feeling of numbness around the area 
Where there are side effects present after the treatment, they are usually of very short duration and will have completely abated after a few days. 

How Many Treatments will be Needed? 

This depends on the amount of fat to be removed and the area it is located. However, this is another advantage that Cryolipolysis has over its surgical counterpart. 
Lipo surgery is a “one-shot deal”, no one wants to go through surgery more times than is completely necessary. Therefore, surgeons have one shot at getting it right. 
While a course of Cryolipolysis may take a few treatments, this gives plenty of opportunity for the practitioner to “sculpt” the body perfectly. 
The number of required treatments to achieve the desired results are discussed with the patient at the consultation part of the process. 

Summing up a pretty cool procedure 

Given the benefits of Cryolipolysis, it is no wonder that lipo surgeons are worried. For the first time, there is a truly viable alternative to invasive surgery for removing stubborn pockets of fat. 
At Crysosculpt, our experts are fully trained in Cryolipolysis and use state-of-the-art equipment to perform the procedure. Why not contact us today and organise a free consultation to find out how Cryolipolysis can help you remove stubborn fat without surgery? 
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