Micro-needling is rapidly becoming one of the most talked-about cosmetic procedures. Minimally invasive and highly effective, micro-needling uses tiny, sterilized needles to prick the skin and stimulate the production of one of nature's great healers – Collagen. 
This guide tells you everything you need to know about this safe and versatile treatment that is taking the world of dermatology by storm. 

What is micro-needling, and how does it work? 

Micro-needling has been around since 1995 but has recently soared in popularity thanks to improvements in technology and a rapidly expanding catalog of success stories. 
In simple terms, micro-needling applies thousands of controlled microscopic needle incisions to the skin using specifically designed sterile devices. For the more squeamish, there is no need to worry, the insertions are minimal and shallow, penetrating to surface-level only, and feel like minor pinpricks. The micro-fine needles range from 0.5mm to 2.5mm in diameter. 
However, they do "wound" the skin, and although this may sound counterproductive, this is what stimulates the beneficial effects. These wounds are what encourage the skin to produce collagen. 
We all lose collagen as we age, and it can also be lost through injury. By stimulating collagen production, micro-needling encourages the skin to make new tissue that is rich in collagen, more toned, firmer, and with better texture. 
These benefits mean micro-needling is the ideal treatment for a host of skin conditions or simply as a treatment to help alleviate the effects of that old enemy – time. 

What can micro-needling be used for? 

Micro-needling is a highly-versatile treatment that is being increasingly used in the treatment of a wide range of skin problems. It can be used all over the body and could be considered something of a multi-tool when it comes to what it can treat. 
Listed below is a far from a comprehensive list that details some of the common uses for micro-needling: 


One of the most common uses is as a treatment to reduce the appearance of scars. Acne scars, stretch marks, surgical scars, and scars from wounds can all be effectively treated with micro-needling. 
The needling effect breaks down the "scar strands" from these wounds and encourages the body to replace them with rejuvenated and collagen-rich tissue. 

Reduce Cellulite 

Areas of cellulite can also be treated with great success. It has been proven to reduce and smooth the appearance of cellulite. 

Wrinkles and other ageing effects 

Our body's natural production of collagen begins to decrease in our mid-twenties. By stimulating the production of collagen in areas of skin with blemishes or wrinkles, micro-needling can reduce the appearance of age-associated skin issues. 

Micro-needling can rejuvenate dormant hair follicles 

A recent study has demonstrated that micro-needling is an effective treatment for rejuvenating dormant hair follicles. The study revealed that after 12 weeks, 82% of the group that used micro-needling (in conjunction with minoxidil) reported a 50% improvement. In the same study, those using minoxidil alone reported a 4.5% improvement. 

Side-effects and downtime 

The process of injuring the skin in any form will carry side effects. The good news is that because of the minimal damage that the treatment involves, the side effects are also minimal. 
Expect to see some redness and some swelling for a day or two, followed by some slight peeling. All side effects will be fully diminished within a week and aren't serious enough to interfere with your daily life. 
You do need to be gentle with your skin after treatment to allow it to heal fully as quickly as possible. 

Professional micro-needling vs Home rollers 

There are home solutions available that claim to perform the same function. However, these are nowhere near as effective as having a professional perform the procedure. 
While micro-needling uses a specially designed medical micro pen to deliver a controlled vertical injury, a derma roller causes a much wider injury at an angle that can cause more harm than good. 
To obtain the full benefits, then a professional micro-needling treatment is the only serious option. 

In summary 

Micro-needling rejuvenates aged and scarred skin by stimulating the body's natural mechanisms. As such, it is a completely safe and convenient treatment that is proven to produce outstanding results. 
If you want to learn more about micro-needling and how it can help you, why not contact us and talk to one of our experts. 
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