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10 Reasons Micro-needling is Becoming so Popular 
The amazing benefits of micro-needling are taking the skincare world by storm. Practically non-invasive, this fast and effective treatment can be used to treat many skin conditions – From just brightening up dull and lifeless skin to reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, micro-needling is a versatile and effective treatment. 
Here are ten of the reasons that Micro-needling is all the rage: 
1. Micro-needling is safe and has no downtime 
Micro-needling involves using specifically designed sterile devices to create thousands of controlled microscopic incisions in the papillary and reticular dermis. The objective is to trigger the body's repair mechanisms which flood the "injured" tissue with collagen. The production of collagen is what brings elasticity and vibrance back to our skin. 
The minimal invasiveness of the treatment means that it can be performed during a lunch break, with the patient returning to work straight afterwards with no ill effects. 
2. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines 
As we age, we produce less and less of that magical elixir – collagen. This is what gives our skin that youthful and fresh look. By stimulating the production of collagen, micro-needling reduces the effects and signs of ageing. 
3. It is fantastic for reducing the appearance of scarring 
The increased levels of collagen can also be useful in reducing the appearance of scars and scar tissue. It is particularly effective at reducing the effects of acne scarring and many scars caused by medical operations. 
4. Reduces the effects of ageing 
As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity. This results in skin that can sag but also loses its vibrance and glow. This is largely down to the reduced levels of collagen that we produce. And as I'm sure you've already guessed, micro-needling promotes the production of collagen and restores that glow of youth to tired skin. 
5. Helps to repair sun damage 
We all love to look our very best, and that Mediterranean tan is something that we all strive for. But even with the strongest sun cream, the damage caused by exposure to the sun will inevitably affect our skin. 
Micro-needling's rejuvenating effects can help repair the damage of too much sun on our skin. 
6. It's a cost-effective treatment 
Not only does the treatment cost less than surgical options, but the lack of downtime makes micro-needling incredibly cost-effective. 
7. Micro-needling boosts the performance of topical treatments. 
Once your treatment has had a few days to settle down, the appliance of moisturisers and other anti-ageing creams and gels can have enhanced effects. This is because the microscopic wounds allow the treatments to penetrate deeper and have a greater effect on our skin. 
8. Micro-needling helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks 
Another condition that micro-needling is perfect for is the reduction of stretch marks. The rejuvenating effects and increase in collagen levels can greatly improve and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. 
9. Reduces the appearance of pores 
The nature of micro-needling might make this sound a little counterintuitive. However, the tiny wounds caused by the treatment actually help to decrease the size of pores. Once again, it is our old friend collagen to thank for this benefit. Because collagen causes the skin to "plump up", this effect reduces the size and appearance of pores. 
10. Quick acting and long-lasting 
There will be a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the treated area within a few days. However, the effects are cumulative, and most patients report seeing the effects in full just a few short weeks after treatment. The benefits are long-lasting and will be apparent for months to come. We recommend a course of 3 treatments or a 6-treatment course for maximum results. 
With little to no side effects, minimal downtime, and no surgery, it is no wonder that micro-needling is rapidly becoming the go-to skincare treatment for many people. At Cryosculpt, we use the very latest technologies and highly-trained practitioners to ensure that you get the right advice and the maximum benefits from a course of micro-needling treatments. 
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