SPECIAL OFFER:  6 FOR 4 *6 Applications for the price of 4 for a limited time only  €899  T&C's Apply Promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer  

6 FOR 4 
*6 Applications for the price of 4 for a limited time only 
T&C's Apply 
Promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer 

All in One Packages for Him and for Her! 

Packages For Him 

The Gut Buster  
Special offer: 
2 x Tummy 
2 x Flanks 
2 x Ultrasound 
The Gut Buster is designed to attack the area around the midriff. Helping to get rid of belly fat and love handles in one treatment 
The Pec Press 
Special offer: 
2 x Chest 
2 x Ultrasound 
This package is designed to help the eradication of fatty tissue in men’s chests or “Moobs”. Always difficult to target, the Pec Press gives your Pecs a chance to be seen! 
The Super Pec  
Special offer: 
4 x Freezes 
2 x Ultrasound 
The Super Pec doubles down with this treatment. Get 2 extra freezes on the chest area to maximise your results” 

Packages For Her 

The Tummy Toner  
Special offer: 
2 x Tummy 
2 x Hips 
2 x Ultrasound 
The Tummy Toner helps get rid of that excess fat around the tummy and on the hips. 
Followed up by 2 Ultrasound treatments to maximise your results. 
The Thigh Trimmer  
Special offer: 
2 x Inner thighs 
2 x Outer thighs 
4 x 15 min Ultrasound 
The Thigh Trimmer is unique in that it treats both your inner and outer thighs in the same 
session and maximises results by combining Cryolipolysis with Ultrasound Cavitation 
The Bum Deal 
Special offer: 
2 x Bum freeze 
2 x Ultrasound 
Get the best Bum Deal in town! Get that Brazilian look. One freeze on each cheek followed 
by an Ultrasound treatment will raise more than your spirits! 
"This was a very relaxing experience. As always Kim put me completely at ease and the treatment time flew by. I would recommend both Kim and the Treatment" 
"My initial consultation was amazing. Daxsha is an amazing person and I spent a great time with her talking about many things. She really made me feel comfortable." 
"Kim is very friendly and provided clear information on what was involved in the treatment and the aftercare." 
"It was so great meeting my new therapist Daxsha. She really made me feel comfortable. Daxsha explained the full process and tailored a plan that works best for me. I look forward to starting the course of treatment" 
"Kim was very informative and made me feel very relaxed. I would have no hesitation in recommending to a friend." 
"Amazing service. So knowledgeable and professional. You’re in safe hands with Daxsha. Thank you." 
"Had a neck procedure... kim is actually the best !! She was there to put you at ease and talks you through everything you need to know, from pre procedure to post procedure care. !!! Cant wait to see my results. Thanks Kim" 
"Daxsha is a diamond, explains everything really well, makes you feel completely at ease, takes a genuine interest in your body and sculpting it and how it's changing. Seeing results after just one week, hoping to see much bigger change after a month or so." 

Injectables Packages 

Special offer: 
1 Area + 0.5ml Lip Filler 
Special offer: 
2 / 3 Areas + 0.5ml Lip Filler 
Special offer: 
1 Area + 1ml Filler  
Special offer: 
2 / 3 Areas + 1ml Filler 
Special offer: 
1 Area + 2ml Filler 
Special offer: 
2 / 3 Areas + 2ml Filler 

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