Yes, really – Cryosculpt is for men too! 

Guys suffer from the same problem as women when it comes to carrying around that “extra little bit,” they just can’t get rid of…… 
Maybe you’re the guy who eats well, goes to the gym regularly, is in pretty good shape, but just can’t shift those love handles (notoriously difficult to do!). If that’s you – you’re a perfect candidate for Cryosculpt. Imagine after all those years of struggling to lose those last few inches, suddenly you can feel the bulges getting smaller, lighter, less pinchable. You really will feel and see the difference. 
Or maybe you’re the guy who has had to give up his weekly 5 a side, because the knees are a bit tricky now, and it’s probably just as well, because four pints on a Wednesday night pretty much undoes all the good of barreling around for an hour, in the lashing rain. 
Either way, the belly’s starting to grow and cutting down on your carbs doesn’t seem to make much difference. Cryosculpt can help you here too; a couple of applications on the belly (takes only 30 minutes) and you’re on the way to tucking your shirt in again. Cryolipolysis is a springboard, to get you back in shape. Buy you’ll need to watch your diet and do some exercise. When fat cell are frozen, they die, and once they’re dead – they don’t come back. But the one’s you do have left, can get bigger if you don’t watch your diet. 
And finally, there’s the other kind of guy. The guy who never really got a chance to mourn the loss of his youthful physique – because he never really felt he had it in the first place. These are the guys who never fully lost the puppy fat from when they were young. One of the most difficult legacies of puppy fat is “Man boobs” or “Moobs” which can be attributed to hormonal imbalance among other things. These terms, unfairly conjure up a sense of shame and ridicule. The condition (Gynacomastia) and its consequences, can have a profound impact on sufferers. Cryosculpt is particularly effective here, with many sufferers rediscovering they’re physical self-confidence as a result of fat freezing. 
Of course, we know a lot of guys feel a little weird about the whole thing, but fat freezing is here, - and it works - and now, with Cryosculpt, it’s affordable
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Discretion and confidentiality always assured! 

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